All Gree Air Conditioning units and Air Source Heat Pumps come with a standard 5 Year warranty subject to annual service.

Servicing is vital in maintaining efficiency and will ensure you gain maximum performance from your equipment.

Standard maintenance check:

  • A general inspection of the exterior condition of the equipment will be made.
  • The equipment will be thoroughly tested annually for refrigerant leaks on each individual condenser/evaporator circuit in accordance with current legislation. All integral soldered, flared and flanged joints inspected. Seals and valves inspected for possible wear. Any refrigerant leaks found would be reported.
  • Condensers will be inspected for free airflow. brushed with a stiff brush for cleaning.
  • Evaporator coil will be inspected for free airflow, cleaned and combed out where necessary, filters hoovered.
  • Compressors will be checked for smooth operation.
  • Fan drive motors will be cleaned, checked, and the running currents checked.
  • All fan bearings will be inspected for correct temperature, silent and smooth running. Lubricated as required.
  • Controls checked for correct operation setting, calibration and response.
  • Safety controls inspected for operation and settings.
  • Solenoid valves, motorised valve heads, and or thermostatic expansion valves will be inspected for operation and adjusted if necessary.
  • Inspect water pumps, if fitted, for correct water temperature and any leakage.
  • Refrigeration system pipe insulation will be inspected for damage.
  • Electrical equipment inspected for correct operation and the wiring checked for integrity.
  • Air filters inspected, cleaned or replaced as required. (Filters charged extra to contract)
  • Condensate and overflow drains tested and cleaned.
  • Room conditions checked and control settings adjusted if necessary.
  • The air on and air off temperatures from the indoor units would be checked and recorded.
  • Prepare written service report and if contracted to update the customers F-Gas log books.